Government 1A Essay 3

Prompt: Online education is bad for society because it puts classroom teachers out of work.

I disagree. Although it is true classroom teachers don’t gain a job when online schools are created, the creators of said online schools do get a job. Online school is very beneficiary for students who don’t think public school meets their requirements. There can be many reasons why this could happen, for example students can get bullied or harassed by their peers. They could have a disability that makes school extremely stressful. Or they could simply feel like they aren’t being taught as efficiently as they’d like to be. So for these students, myself as an example, online school can be extremely rewarding. Taking a student out of the classroom setting and allowing them to be more self taught can teach responsibility, time management and a lust for learning.

There will always be students who prefer public school, so there will always be a need for classroom teacher. But times are moving forward, and students should be able to take advantage of tools such as the internet to express themselves and their learning style. In conclusion, online schools may steal a few students away from classroom teachers. But giving a student a chance to sit down in a comfortable setting and actually learn, instead of trying to distract themselves from the stress of the classroom, can offer a brand new outlook on education the student never thought possible.

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