Civilization Week 9

Question 1: According to your reading and the examples in the slides, what are some of the characteristic features of (a) Mannerism and (b) the Baroque?

Characteristics of Mannerism and Baroque usually include dramatic changes of the light, and climactic postures and expressions on the humans. Peoples bodies will often also be elongated, and their faces will be detailed and striking to show off the anguish or despair someone is experiencing.

Question 2: Describe Peter the Great’s program for Russia.

Peter the Great had been very inspired by western culture, and therefore tried to integrate more of it into Russia. He forced Russians to follow Western fashion, such as forcing men to cut their hair and beards short. He also created a large military, imitating and trying to intimidate the Western armies.

Question 3: What did Frederick William accomplish?

Frederick ruled over Prussia from 1713 to 1740. At the time France was repealing the Edict of Nantes, forcing many Protestants to flee. Frederick took advantage of this, encouraging the fleeing Protestants (as well as other religious minorities such as Jews) to come and settle in Prussia. Many did, and Frederick was able to expand his army as well as add a substantial growth to the economy.

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