Government Week 11 District Legislators

Prompt: “Should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone to run against him in the next primary if he starts voting wrong?”

It’s absolutely crucial that district legislators keep an eye on the candidates they elect. The candidate starts out surrounded by peers in his home district. These peers decide what they want to have happen, and they will chose a candidate based on these motives. Therefore the candidate has to be very receptive of what his peers are after, and strive his campaign to meet these needs. But after hes been elected and is working on a statewide level all of this changes. He’s no longer surrounded by peers of his district, but by state officials with very different motives and wants. So the peer pressure changes. He is befriended and pulled into the state officials club, and the state officials begin pressuring the candidate to focus his attention towards their motives. If the peers of his district who elected him aren’t diligently watching their candidate it’s very easy for that candidate to be lured under the wing of the state. And if that happens the district legislators need to elect someone different to complete the tasks that district needs done.

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