Literature Week 13 Paradise Lost; Envy vs Jealousy

Prompt: “After Satan’s rebellion, Satan was motivated more by his envy of God than his jealousy of God: true or false?”

This is one hundred percent accurate. But to prove how true this is we first need to define the differences between envy and jealousy. Jealousy has to do with one gaining something from another. It’s when you have a goal you wish to accomplish, and you find yourself jealous of the man who’s already completed said goal. Thus you feel the jealous urge to tear that person down in order to gain what they have. Envy on the other hand is something completely different. Envy is when an excess of jealousy mixes with an excess of hatred, and the spite that creates wishes to tear someone down simply for the joy of watching them fall. You gain nothing from them, nothing except the satisfaction of knowing you destroyed their legacy.

Now in the context of Satan (which is something I never thought i’d write), his experiences began not with envy, but with a strong jealousy towards God. Lucifer was the angel of light, Gods favorite heavenly creation; but when a sprig of jealousy pierced through him he became corrupt. He looked to God, and his holy heart blackened and filled with jealousy. He wanted to create! He wanted to rule! Why should God automatically have jurisdiction over the universe? He’s just as powerful, and in his mind he could create a much better reality! So the jealousy festered, and as it did hatred began to grow like mold around a tainted apple. And Lucifer shared this apple with the angels, just as the snake did with Eve, and the angels who chose to take a bite felt the spores of hatred and resentment take root within themselves. This army of jealousy attempted to rise up against God, and although he was sorrowful God was forced to cast out his favorite angel and all of his corrupted followers.

Now Lucifer was below heaven, and his spiteful hatred spread through him like the plague. Enough hatred in fact to mix 50/50 with his jealousy, and outta that crockpot of discomfort hopped a truly malevolent creature: envy. Envy swung Satan into a whole new ballgame, a game of sadism, depression, and betrayal to all things light. And with that the angel of light became an angel of darkness, and all mankind was warned not to be wooed by his unbridled seduction. Now Lucifer didn’t seek the power of creation, for he had found the power of destruction. And with envy by his side he swore that if he couldn’t wield Gods power than he would take as many of Gods creations down with him as he could. And thus began the universal power struggle. Light vs darkness, love vs hatred, faith vs sin. This power struggle is still in full swing today, and envy is still as deceitfully seductive as ever. That’s why we all must be very wary, for envy is constantly lurking and constantly vigilant. Ready to mix his seed of spite into any unprotected womb. If we want our planet to be a paradise we can’t succumb to the tantalizer known as envy. He’s waiting, hungrily, ready to drag us into despair the same way he dragged the angel of light. But we are strong, and although envy can grow huge with very little effort, he burns just as easily. Keep that flame of light burning bright my friends, for yourself, and for our shared earthly paradise.

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