English 3 Term Paper Outline

The prompt for this years term paper is how optimism has effected western literature. This is my preliminary outline for it. As a warning I wanna say that my final draft may look nothing like this, for me writing off the top of my head while i’m in the moment is one hundred times easier than attempting to organize it beforehand. But this was assigned so here we go.

 Introductory hook and thesis statement

Definition of optimism and general overview of what i’m about to talk about

Topics of analyse:

Utopia, Doctor Faustus, Macbeth, Bacon, Paradise Lost, Mandeville, Robinson Crusoe, Candide, Wesley, Wilberforce

Conclusions and summary

Call to action


Does this really help folks feel more organized in their writing?  I feel like it would be easier to just write the essay and then break it up like this after completion. Trying to deconstruct that which is yet to be constructed is like trying to describe a blank canvas.


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