Economy Week 4 Part Time Jobs

Prompt: “Is it worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage?”

The answer to this question is different for everyone, there are factors in each persons life that determine whether a job like this is worth someones time. For a high school or college student a part time job is perfect. It allows the student to get the experience of a first job while still having time for their studies. It will go on their resume, and if they do a good job their boss will encourage future jobs to hire them. They can start saving up cash, but depending on how the job pays the cash may simply go towards novelties or positive experiences for the student. In a scenario like this a part time job is much more about the first job experience than the money.

For an independent adult its very different. The adult has to pay their own bills, buy their own food, and consistently make all these payments on time. For an adult the money from a job is much more important than the experience of a job. The adult also has much more time on their hands. They are done with school and don’t have to spend time studying, so their priority will be filling that spare time with a job that makes them a solid income. Its more likely an adult will look for a full time job, and preferably a full time job that pays more than the minimum wage. Its possible an adult would take on multiple part time jobs where available, but its most likely they’d prefer having a steady and reliable job which pays enough to live on.

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