Economics Week 6 Entrepreneurs

Prompt: “Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?”

I believe lots of people have what it takes to be entrepreneurs, but most are discouraged from pursuing it at a young age. Our school system teaches us to stay within the box, to follow authority figures with no questions asked, and to put considerable effort into subjects we find no fulfillment in. These teaching methods train children to aim for the “best” jobs, jobs like doctors, lawyers, office workers, and other professionals that work under large corporations. They teach us that taking risks and trusting in our own abilities and talents will lead to failure, its always easier if we give in to the system and forget about our personal dreams.

As a child I felt like anything was possible, I felt that if I followed my passions I could make the world a better place. Then public school taught me that intelligence is based on how academically competitive you are. It taught me that because I didn’t excel at following orders and fighting for top grades that I would always be a failure. It taught me that suppressing my creativity was the only way to make something of myself. It taught me that new ideas are against the rules. It taught me to spend my life working for someone else. It taught me that money is the ultimate goal in life.

Being an entrepreneur is all about big ideas, taking risks, believing in your own abilities, and not selling yourself out to a preexisting company. Being an entrepreneur is about creating a company. A company based off creativity, mental flexibility, independent manufacturing, and personal passion. Being an entrepreneur is about chasing your dreams in a way that also benefits the economy. Our education system should encourage kids to chase what makes them happy, to go against the grain, and to value their personal fulfillment over excessive wealth. This is the door that entrepreneurialism unlocks, and if someone smart enough puts their all into it they can make their dreams come true.

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