Economics Week 9 Schools Vs Churches

Prompt: “Is a tax-supported school different in principle from a tax-supported church?”

Tax funded education is a battlefield. The battle being fought is between people who have different ideals they want taught to their children. The outcome of what ideals are taught effect the sociology, economic efficiency, and political ideology of the next generation. Whoever wins this battle of education decides what children are intellectually spoon fed day after day. The losers are not only legally pressured to send their children to learn ideals they disagree with, but also have to pay tax to teach children ideals they disagree with.

Tax funded churches are places of worship and religious education. There is a variety of ideology and practices which relate to different churches. Going to church is not enforced by law, but many people attend voluntarily for emotional and spiritual motivation. Maintaining a church is not cheap, and the amount of funding that goes into a church determines the quality of services provided by it. If one churches funding is higher than another’s their service is going to become superior, and thus the ideology preached by the church is most likely going to become more mainstream.

Tax funded schools and tax funded churches and fundamentally identical. They both teach their own ideals, and they both attempt to convince people to trust in their ideals. There are three main differences between churches and schools. The first of these is that tax funded education is enforced by law. People attend church by choice, people attend school because they’re legally obligated to. The second difference is churches teach religious and spiritual ideology. Schools teach everyday ideology such as economic stimulation, organizational skill, intellectual competition, and hierarchy. The third difference between churches and schools is that while churches are intended for all ages schools are generally pushed on children and young adults. Schools are intended to sculpt the minds of the youth. Whoever is victorious in the battle for education decides how those minds should be sculpted.

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