American Literature Week 11 Freedom Rap

Prompt: Write a five-stanza song — four lines per stanza — for either the Rebels or the Loyalists.


Old England, they’re denying us liberty

So we sailed across the sea so we could be free

But their taxes kept on rolling in

They’re avaricious, and that’s a Puritan sin


Old George don’t believe that we’re downright blessed

Guess we gotta up and leave him with an empty nest

They think their tea is so great, but I’ll take a cup of joe

I hear when Boston throws a party they make tea outflow


Washington shot a guy, and that started a war

But I know deep in my bones just what I’m fighting for

It ain’t as simple as pride, no it ain’t to impress

It’s for my right to life and liberty and happiness


We are not just a colony for you to exploit

We’ll win win our liberty from Lexington up to Detroit

We got the men, we got the brains, we got philosophy too

We shall fight and show the strength of our red white and blue


So take arms everyone, and lets fight for our nation

Cause who wants to be taxed without some representation?

England thinks its so grand, Americans don’t need em

As Hamilton says lets raise a glass to freedom


One thought on “American Literature Week 11 Freedom Rap

  1. Nice job! If you get a chance why not try something similar regarding government overreach in dealing with the pandemic?


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