American Literature Week 26 Theaters

Prompt: Would You rather watch a movie alone in a theater or online if they cost the same? Why

There’s a lot of thought that goes into this question, and a lot of factors that go along with it. It really depends on what the movie is, and how I’m feeling on the particular day. Theaters create the glowing atmosphere, the thunderous audio, and the experience of watching a film along side a crowd. If the film is a big blockbuster, or a comedy where the laughs will be shared, I’d usually opt for the theater. The psychology the theater provides is one of a kind, you get to have a sort of kinship with everyone else watching. The emotions, fear, and humor can all be shared collectively. Not to mention the laughter boost when everyone around you starts cracking up about the same joke. True gold.

At home is a different environment, with its own pros. I can relax, kick my shoes off, let my hair down and be completely in my own element. I can personalize my space and create my own comfortable vibe. I don’t have to worry about noisy kids a row behind me, and I don’t have to miss scenes to use the restroom. I can also multitask more easily, if I find myself bored I can draw while watching or glance down at my phone. I can lounge in bed and eat cheese. True gold.

To be honest both events make me happy. Going to the movie theater is certainly more rare than watching films at home, so it has a lot of novelty. But I feel more truly comfortable and relaxed at home. It depends on what I’m looking for that day. If I want lights and glam and people I’ll choose the theater. If I wanna take a bath while watching Jumanji I’ll opt for home.

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