Government 1A Essay 1

Prompt: Should Government be classified as a type of government?

Family is and should be classified as a type of Government. The government is defined as a system by which a state or community is controlled. Well, the household can certainly be called a community, one of the original communities at that. The household also exhibits many of the variables government’s often get created around. For example, a hierarchy needs to be clear and plain to see in a functional household. The adults of the house have power over the children. There need to be guidelines, as well as rules and regulations that support this claim. If a child misbehaves or disrespects the adult they get punished; whether  that punishment be through privilege’s getting revoked, time out, ect.

Those time outs and the like can be viewed almost like preparation for adulthood.  Preparation for the real, state funded time outs the child will have to be aware of later in life. The child will have to learn that other people have authority over them, and that disobeying that authority can have real consequence’s. Understanding that authority, and submitting to it at a young age puts the boundaries in place the child will need to remember throughout their whole life.

The child learns the laws, submits to obeying them, and understands if he disobeys them a greater authority will step in to enforce punishment. That is, at its most basic level, what government is and has always been. A hierarchy of regulations, submission, and fair punishment that protects the peace and order of a community.

In conclusion, even if the household community only consists of one family of people, its still a community that functions under a system of control. Therefor, the family is a government.

2 thoughts on “Government 1A Essay 1

  1. Hey, Anikan. Great essay! You explained the Familial Government better than I did. I applaud you for that.

    You grammar is stellar, as well. And it is super easy to read. You nailed “conversational writing”. The reader’s eyes so easily float from one sentence to the next. It’s hard to peel attention away from your writing. Good job!

    As a fellow RPC student, it is my obligation to give critique. The only critique I would like to give you is super-minor, and an easy fix. You place apostrophes (‘) for plural nouns. You might want to take those out. Other than that, you did excellent!

    Have a great week and keep up the great work!
    ~ BriannA


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