Civilization Week 3

Question 1: How was the English Reformation different from the German Reformation?

The German reformation was centered on beliefs. Martin Luther’s passion and revolutionary ideas were what drove the reform forward. The English reformation was centered on politics, and the stability of a successor. King Henry VIII was worried his wife wouldn’t be able to produce a male a heir, and therefor looked to the scripture trying to find an acceptable way to have their marriage annulled.

Question 2:What do we learn about St. Francis Xavier’s missionary work in the letter you read for lesson 13?

Answer: St. Francis Xavier traveled the coast of India, doing his best to convert villages he came across to Christianity. He found the children were the easiest to convert, and the most confident and efficient at spreading the message. He would call all of them together each Sunday, and read the creed and commandments again and again until the children knew them by heart.  Then he would send them out to give the message of Christ to their parents, friends and neighbors. He also talked about the Brahmins, explaining in detail how poorly his view of them was. He said he could only find one Brahmin willing to listen wholeheartedly to his claims, and that by the end of their conversation the young man was practically begging St. Francis to convert him to Christianity.

Question 3:  What kind of impression are you left with by the Spiritual Exercises?  Why is Ignatius concerned about careless discussion of faith and good works?

Answers: He talks a lot about praising every part of the church and religious experience. He says to praise everything, from the priests to the church décor. He talks about fear, and says fear is just as important as love in the Christian church.  Ignatius is concerned about careless discussion of faith and good works because it takes away the humility. He thinks the good works we do should only be done for the love of God, and not to gain any sort of praise of reward in the mortal world. He thinks boasting about your good works almost cancels them out, as it steals any honest humility associated with that good act.





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