Economics Week 7 Reasons to Hire Anikan

Prompt: Write a list of the benefits of hiring you.

I’m a very motivated worker, the experience of employment is just as valuable as any paycheck.

I make my own schedule and am willing to work part time or full time, whatever the job is needing most.

I’m very stubborn and determined, if I commit to completing something I’m going to go above and beyond to get it done.

I’m upbeat and helpful, my goal is to improve the atmosphere of the establishment and make my coworkers and customers happier than they were prior to our engagement.

I’m a great listener with a great memory. If someone notifies me of something I will be absorbing the information and actively thinking of ways to improve the situation.

I don’t get bored of simple jobs, and I enjoy the challenge of more complicated jobs. I am flexible and devoted, and will do my best in every scenario.

I love engaging with customers, I will do everything in my power to prove the customer service of this establishment is top tier.

I arrive early or directly on time.

I’m willing to devote unpaid time at home to improving the business if necessary.

I appreciate any and every opportunity, and honestly want to prove how good of an employee I can be.

I am very creative and am able to apply out of the box thinking to a situation whenever needed.

I am strong in body and mind. I can do physical labor and heavy lifting with no complaints whatsoever. I can also manage tough projects, you can count on me to figure out the puzzles of the trade calmly and enthusiastically.

I am proud of my organizational skills. Everything has a place, a home if you will. Be it paperwork or products, I find it thrilling to organize everything into its proper place.

I won’t give up on a project once I’ve started it, even if the going gets rocky. Once I’ve committed to something I’m going to see it through to the end.

I will not waste time. If there’s a moment when no customers are in the store I will spend it cleaning, organizing, or restocking. I will not spend time waiting around, I will spend time perfecting the atmosphere and/or the cleanliness of the establishment.

I take jobs very seriously. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m being paid minimum wage or a seven figure wage, I will take the job seriously. It is my reputation on the line, and I want to make a very good name for myself.

I will commit myself and all of my abilities into making the establishment the best that it can be. I take the reputation of my work personally, and will give all I can to insure the place I’m working at is seen as respectable, honest, and held above the competition.

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