Economics Week 8 Part 1 Job Application

Prompt: Write a 100-word job application

This is a link to the sister essay of this application, my successes:

I’m going to write this as if I’m applying to work at a local antique store, since this is what I feel personally drawn to.

I’ve admired your line of work for quite sometime, and I’m thrilled at the possibility to contribute towards this fine profession. I absolutely love antiques. To me they are objects which have been imbued with the souls of times gone by. They have witnessed and created memories, passed through many hands and lives, and have now ended up back on the shelves ready to give the modern era a taste of the past.

The opportunity to organize, beautify, and re-home these relics of the past is very exciting to me. The chance to learn a little about where they’ve been and what they’ve been apart of is even more exciting.  I’m ready and able to take on all the responsibility that goes with it, and I’m looking forward to meeting fellow antique enthusiasts who share my feelings about the treasures of yesterday.

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