Economics Week 8 Part 2 My Successes

Prompt: Write a 350-word page on your blog site describing your successes in detail. Include the link to this page in your 100-word email application.

I’ve worked in Ampro productions, producing and organizing various political buttons, cuff links, yard signs, and other accessories and advertisements. Through this I’ve learned vital skills in mass manufacturing, organization, and professionalism. I’ve also worked with children for many years. I’ve attended Westlake Highschool’s one year long child development program, and through that I worked and studied in a well established daycare. I also earned my CPR license through this program, and am able to apply this knowledge in the case of an emergency. I’ve worked in a nursery with young children, and also have a preschool age sister who I’ve helped raise. This has taught me discipline, responsibility, patience and eagerness to assist.

I’m also proud of my creative successes. I’ve been writing for many years, words are a beautiful medium that I enjoy stitching together. I write essays such as this one, poetry, debates and stories. I love creating characters and inventing plotlines for them. I also love to draw. My style is a mix between realism and cartoon. I can draw anything from landscapes to action sequences, advertisements to character designs. Creating beautiful things fills me with immense satisfaction. I’m also a songwriter and singer. I can write catchy jingles, emotional ballads, wordless melodies, poetic musicals and everything in between. I adore creating and performing, and if any of these skills and passions can translate over to my job I’d be ecstatic.

I’m quite physically fit, I’ve been doing cardio and intensive strength training for several years now. I know the proper bodily alignment when lifting heavy objects, and can easily carry and rearrange any products that need to be moved. I can do any job that requires a healthy body and a sound mind. I can do paperwork, carry cargo, organize products, create convincing arguments as to why a customer should buy, write up advertisements, create jingles, draw up artistic banners and decor, enthusiastically engage with customers and coworkers alike, and do anything else a job requires of me.

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